Friday, November 4, 2011

Lots To Cover!

Hi everyone!  Yes, I know ... I need to get better about updating this blog!  Things have been sort of busy here - but I have managed to get some sewing done!

Before I get to my latest projects, I am THRILLED to announce that one of my friends has entered the sewing/quilting blog world!  Please check out her blog One Little Birdie.  She's an amazingly talented artist and I know you'll just love seeing her latest creations.  Would it be too corny for me to say that a Little Birdie told me she'll also be selling some of her items?  (Go ahead and groan...)  Very exciting!!!  Good luck, my friend, and welcome to the quilty blogosphere!

I finished all of the bags I was making for the Beads of Courage program that I told you about in my last post!

IMG_4722 Bags for Beads of Courage

They're in the mail, heading out to Tucson. It was really fun making them, playing with fabrics I don't normally work with. If one bag or one fabric brings a smile to the face of one child in the Beads of Courage program, then I'm a happy camper.

After I finished the bags, I decided to grab some of the webbing I ordered a while ago and make my boys some new collars and leashes!

IMG_4813 Zim's new collar/leash
Zim in his new collar and leash!

IMG_4854 Dave's new collar/leash
Dave's new collar and leash

I think these are my favorites so far. Maybe. They're cool!  Dave's doesn't photograph well from a distance.  Guess it's good camouflage.  LOL!

I was thinking of putting up a tutorial for the limited slip collars. Would you all be interested in that? I always love reading and following other people's tutes and think I should try doing one. Any interest? Please leave a comment or email me! (Or FB me!)

Speaking of tutorials! My friend Pam in South Africa has put together a great one - how to do half-square triangles quickly, easily, and accurately - and flippy squares, too! I'll be sharing that with you tomorrow or so. She makes it all so clear!

As per right now, I'm quilting a Christmas table runner that I pieced a long time ago. I'm trying VERY hard to wrap up some "UFO"s, and this one was first up!

IMG_4864 Christmas table runner

I really like it! I hope a family member agrees... hmm...

The boys also helped me reorganize the Studio a bit. I'll post pix eventually, either here or on their blog. We did some moving around in the living room, and I "inherited" a tall, glass-shelved unit. It's perfect for stacking projects, finished and "un".   :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I would love to see the tute for the collars and I am visiting your friend right away.


  2. Yes on the how-to for the collars. I have no idea how you do these things!

  3. I don't think I could ever make a collar but I'd like to try, possibly! :) Those bags look great and of course the collars are fabulous! You have very handsome models!


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