Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Placemats!

Remember a while ago I showed you some coffee-themed placemats? Hmm... I had great excuses in that post for not having posted for a while, too. Hmm. I notice a trend. Anyway, I finally got the other coffee-themed placemats done - in the brighter colors.

DSCN2363 Scrap Placemats

I conceivably could use the four of them together. They have a few of the same fabrics as the other ones, but bolder, splashier ones, too. Here's a close-up:

DSCN2364 Scrap Placemats

The pinwheels in each of the placemats are left over from a quilt I made for one of my wonderful nieces. They just either didn't have enough contrast or something - but they work just great for our placemats!

DSCN2366 Scrap Placemats

What a fun way to use up some scraps!!!

Here's a cool tip for you! You know those sleeves made of nylon netting that you get at the grocery store? They hold tomatoes or grapes or other produce? Save them! They are GREAT for holding interfacing onto tubes or for holding cording onto their spools!

IMG_4303 Cording

Isn't that great?  Love that stuff!  Very handy!

As to what I've been working on - you can see lots of my "mess" spread around the background of that photo.  I'm making bags for the Beads of Courage program.  If you're looking for a great way to contribute to a really worthwhile cause, please follow the link provided and check them out.  I'm having so much fun picking out fabrics I think kids would like!

Also in the design stages of a new bag.  I've gone slightly past the "sketch it in the fogged-up shower door" stage, but not much beyond that.  I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those nylon net sleeves are also used at Specs (liquor store) to keep bottles of wine from clanging together!
    At our house, we buy more wine than veggies or fruits. Tsk tsk!

  2. I love those placemats! They look like the perfect size for a kitty to lay on. Not that they are supposed to but, well, you know. :)

  3. Love your placemats! They are so colorful and pretty!

  4. I would save the netting sleeves but I don't have rolls of things to put them on :)

    Lovely placemats!


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