Monday, July 25, 2011

Gettysburg Battle Flag Quilt!

I can't believe I'm writing this - and so soon.  I'm FINISHED!  Yes, the binding is on, the label is made and it's actually sewn on!  DONE!  I do believe I've set a personal record on this.

Before I show you some pix, let me say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who are reading for your encouragement.  The comments left here, on FaceBook, and sent via email have been appreciated more than I can express.  You all make a big difference!

I'm also not sure how to say this but as I've said a few times, I had no plan when I started this other than some vague ideas and block size.  The fact that I completed the project so quickly and that it came together as it did tells me God had a strong hand in leading me.  Truly.  It couldn't have happened any other way.  So thank You, too.

Let's look at the finished quilt!

DSCN2108 Gettysburg Battle Flag quilt

Different reds, different blues, some purple ... it just all came together.

DSCN2107 Gettysburg Battle Flag quilt

Different sizes and shapes ... they just "work"!

DSCN2110 Gettysburg Battle Flag quilt

Three different kinds of triangles, two blocks in one 9" block, squares and rectangles ... they all play together nicely!

Now... let's step back and look at the whole quilt:

DSCN2106 Gettysburg Battle Flag quilt

I couldn't have done it without any one of you. (And really, I still plan to answer all of your questions!)

As to who this is going to ... it's actually a birthday present for my hubby - and I'm EARLY!

DSCN2113 Gettysburg Battle Flag quilt

Thank you for letting me share this special project with you! I have a set on FlickR containing all the pix of the quilt; you're more than welcome to go through the photos there.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Mike is a very blessed guy.
    The quilt is absolutely beautiful. You're a true artist.

  2. That is great and Mike will just love it.

  3. What a fabulous gift for Mike! He's one lucky guy! The quilt is absolutely stunning!

  4. The quilt turned out so beautiful! What a special birthday gift for your hubby!

  5. Just beautiful....words just can't describe!!!

    We are sure your hubby is going to love it!!

    Beth (the Mama)


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