Friday, October 9, 2009

Super Shopper & LapPack!

Lots to tell you about today, so let's get to it!

When I last showed you progress on the Super Shopper, Dave, my Guide Dog for the Color Blind, and I had chosen the fabs, then I got started quilting and building! Here's a look at the interior pocket:

I opted for a nice long one, divided, with a little "pen" section.

After I got the bag "built", I needed to choose a strap color. I asked my FaceBook friends and Dave for input.

Dave liked the red. The red?!?! Crazy. I was veering toward the green. The blue looks better in the photo than in real life; it just wasn't the right blue. The pink never quite worked. FB friends were totally helpful - and after much thought, I decided to go with the green. As I told Dave... snooze, you lose. The green is good!

Once I finished the Super Shopper, I got to work on a LapPack. We had an unpredicted line of thunderstorms rip through the other night. As I sat up with my storm-phobic Siberian, Stormy, I chose the quilting thread - then once she settled down for a light nap, I quilted the whole bag. I chose a sort of "lightning" looking design - how apropos! :) Here's a look:

I used the book to help gauge the right size for the specific laptop.

Here are the finished bags! The Super Shopper:

Up-close and personal with one of the outer pockets:

A FaceBook friend said the quilting looked like "Space Age" quilting. I LOVE that description! Here's a look at the top of the bag:

I love how the colors came together! Here's a look inside:

I made a little "extra" for Veronica:

I can't resist that fabric!

Here's the LapPack!

Pinks and greens and oranges! Very fun! The inside is pink camo. :)

And a touch of the camo on the outside. Just ... because!

Here's a close up of the button:

It's a hot green, sewn on with the variegated pink quilting thread!

These were a delight to make! Veronica, I hope you enjoy your Super Shopper and that your niece likes the choices Dave and I made for her LapPack! Thanks so much for your order!

And thank you for reading!


  1. The green was definitely the right decision.

    Love the LapPack! I wonder if I need one now I have the Air?

  2. Maybe the next bag can have red on it for Dave! But, the green on this one looks perfect. They both turned out fabulous!

  3. All sooo pretty & geniously innovative. Your creations leave me quite breathless! I wish I had more energy to tackle the things you do. Well done - they are beautiful!

  4. Beautiful colors! Soo inspiring, i'm thinking of starting quilting too!


  5. Dave is surely the coolest guide dog ever.

    Your fabrics are always so stunning.

    I have lots of news, I will email you soonest.

    Been a busy bee.

    Letty xxxxxxxxxxx

    Kan it get any better than this ........?

  6. Those are so unique and really wonderful colours.

  7. Hi there!
    The lapPack is really pretty and colors are really great. Would it be possible to order them and be shipped outside of the US?
    Also, are there japanese-inspired fabric you can use?

    Thanks so much!

    -Princess and the Piappies


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