Monday, November 19, 2018

The Tedious Parts

Hi everyone!  I must confess, there are parts of the quilting process I find a bit tedious. I actually used to love doing the hand-sewing part of the binding.  It's a bit slow, but I loved it.

Rounding the second corner on the Wonky Army Stars quilt!

I still love it in the "it means I'm almost done" sense, but ... let's just say I'm thankful for the Audible app on my iPhone. (Zzz...)

One of the other somewhat less than exciting stages that I swore I wouldn't get myself into again is removing all the paper from doing a massive paper foundation piecing project.


As incentive to stick with both of these tasks, I've allowed myself to switch back and forth freely ... and I just might be testing out a block I'm going to be doing with a friend after Christmas. I have to be prepared, right?

For removing the paper, I use all sorts of tools (other than my fingers). Here are my favorites at the moment:


In front, a curved hemostat clamp -- excellent for reaching into corners!  In the rear, a small flat-headed screwdriver -- great for holding down stitching while pulling up on the edge of the paper.  I always MEAN to make my stitches smaller on paper foundation quilts, but I usually forget.  Using the screwdriver is helpful in avoiding undoing stitches.

Other than my Audible books, I have plenty of help/entertainment in the Studio. It's mighty hard to be bored with anything with my two Siberians around.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ripping out that paper does not look like fun. It's good that you have your "entertainment" to help you.

  2. Sounds complicated but I love the kitty fabric! Do you do custom order placemats? Just wondering. :)


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