Monday, April 30, 2012

Progress Report

The kitchen reno is moving right along!  Everything that had to be ordered is now in (except for the tiles for the back splash, which I understand are due in tomorrow), the electrician came by to scope out his parts of the project, and they're polishing our countertops!!!  I saw an iPhone photo of part of one of the counters and it looked amazing!  They will start the install this week!!!

So ... in the interim, while we were in the "some of the wood trim is missing and the bar top has been sawed off stage", I thought I should decorate the area. How does that expression go? "Say it with flowers"?

IMG_7762 flowers

I thought some Iris would accent the exposed drywall and garbage disposal switch quite nicely.  It didn't have the complete "wow" factor I was looking for, though, so I decided on this placement:

IMG_7759 Flowers

We had a houseguest at the time and I'm not sure he fully appreciated it.  I thought it was a nice touch, though. Coordinates nicely with both the wall stud and the quilt hanging in the dining room ... don't you think?  My lovely and helpful pups even blogged about it.  They DO have a remarkable work ethic.

Moving right along - I changed out the flowers after a bit.  The little quilt you see there is my "Pansy Star" quilt (you can see it on this post), so why not some paper pansies?

IMG_7800 paper pansies

I thought that was a winner!  I didn't want the basket to fall, so I thought painters tape would be apropos.  Adds to the overall ambience, don't you think?

But NOW... it's time to empty the kitchen!  Or at least everything out of the lower cabinets, off the counters, and remove the drawers.

IMG_7850 getting ready!

I'm getting there, slowly but surely.  Doesn't it look like I'm moving?  I feel like I am - and have some of the same emotions or thought patterns:  cautiously excited, knowing there's a whole lot of mess and hard work ahead, but anticipating a really cool new beginning.  I'm trying hard not to "squee".

I'll keep you all posted!  Until then, thanks for reading!


  1. Anticipating a wonderful new kitchen with lots of photos soon!

    Minnie, Mack and hu-mom Kathy

  2. A new kitchen will be SO exciting! I can't wait to see it.

  3. It does feel like you're moving and it'll be to the perfect house with a beautiful kitchen! That is squee worthy!

  4. Beautiful kitchen! BTW -- love the wall hanging too!


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