Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mati's Memory Quilt

I started telling you about Mati's Memory Quilt yesterday.  Do you remember the center block with the embroidery and another swatch from Mati's towel appliquéd on it?  Here's how that looks after washing:

DSCN2144 Mati's Memory Quilt

See the added dimension?  And fuzziness?!  :)  That will all only improve with subsequent washings!

I'm probably doing these posts backwards - today's and tomorrow's - but if you're like me, you want to see the finished quilt... right?  Let's just zip ahead to that, then tomorrow I'll show you each of the blocks.  Deal?

Like the wonderful, supportive fellas that they are, my boys wanted to come out with me for the photo shoot. Who was I to say no? Here is Dave, checking out Mati's quilt:

DSCN2134 Mati's Memory Quilt

I'm not going to say that he or Zim knew what I was working on, but they could sense that it was something special.  I think I worked through a lot of my grief for Stormy and Amber as I stitched this together for Mike - and I know they sense my emotions.

DSCN2139 Dave with Mati's Memory Quilt
Dave and Mati's Memory Quilt
My Guide Dog for the Color Blind approves!

DSCN2132 Mati's Memory Quilt
Mati's Memory Quilt

The reverse features all the colors of the t-shirts!

DSCN2141 Dave with Mati's Memory Quilt

It's so soft and comfy! Wrap yourself up in it and feel the warm fuzzies! (And remember, it gets better with each washing, so don't hold back!)

Does Dave look worried here?

DSCN2142 Dave with Mati's Memory Quilt

Fear not! I gave the quilt a second washing after the photo shoot.

DSCN2143 Dave with Mati's Memory Quilt

...or maybe he was looking for cats.  I'm not sure.

Zim wanted to pose with Mati's Quilt, too.

DSCN2163 Zim with Mati's Memory Quilt
Zim and Mati's Memory Quilt

I'm fairly certain he's thinking about when we'll get to next see Mike - and about the nose poke he's going to deliver to him.  (He only does that to people he likes!)

Until next time - thanks for reading!


  1. KZK I love your quilts and pictures of your dogs. After reading their blog I want to start one for my Siberian LILY. Can you help me do this?
    please reach me a Shortyz'

  2. The quilt turned out so lovely! The boys did a very good job posing with it. Hope they get to see Mike soon!

  3. What a special quilt! It's just beautiful!

  4. It's a great quilt, and a wonderful idea. I sure hope I get a nose poke from Zimmie!

  5. Gorgeous!! That is seriously one of the most beautiful and unique quilts I have ever seen. And I LOVE the one tie-dyed block on the back. Another great job!!

  6. You did an awesome job on this very special quilt!!!



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