Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mati's Memory Quilt - The Blocks!

I'm back!  I was going to break the blocks from Mati's Memory Quilt up into two or three posts, but I figured I'd share them all now with BRIEF (ha!) explanations about each.  Ready to take a look?  Let's go!

We're starting in the lower left-hand corner, then zig-zagging up through the quilt. I'm not sure why. Here's the first block:

DSCN2168 Mati's Memory Quilt

It's the design from one of Mati's "Life is Good" t-shirts (the Family Tree) with part of the inside of one of the blue "Life is Good" tees.  I love the "Optimism can take you anywhere" sentiment.  I used a few of those inside parts in the quilt!

Next up, another "Life is Good" design -- most of them are!

DSCN2169 Mati's Memory Quilt

The OD green got a tad lost on the darker denim, so I added a swatch of one of the lighter t-shirts underneath - and a "do what you like, like what you do" tag from inside a "Life is Good" tee.  (From here on out, "Life is Good" will be LIG.)

Loving puns as I do, I got a kick out of this next LIG design:

DSCN2170 Mati's Memory Quilt

The light blue design is from the inside of a LIG tee.

Here's a Black Dog design:

DSCN2171 Mati's Memory Quilt

The light pink got a wee bit lost, so I backed it with part of a tie-dyed t-shirt.

This was one of the larger logos:

DSCN2172 Mati's Memory Quilt

I couldn't incorporate the writing into the block, but I think it's a good "stand alone".

Just up from that block is another LIG design:

DSCN2173 Mati's Memory Quilt

The smiley face is from the back of another tee - on the outside.  I backed the larger logo with another tee again - it helps accent things.

Moving to the left, we have one of my favorite blocks:

DSCN2174 Mati's Memory Quilt

Mike wasn't sure the Dell logo would fit in, but I think it's perfect.  And I'm not just saying that because I love the US Army and the color OD green.  Or ... maybe I am.  Doesn't it go great with lime green?!?  Who knew!?  My Guide Dog for the Color Blind approved, so I think I'm good to go!

Next up:

DSCN2175 Mati's Memory Quilt

It's another favorite.  It's a long story, but YEARS ago when we had a family emergency, Mike stayed in our home and took care of one of our first Sibes - Lucky - for us.  Really like "spoiled her to pieces" kind of care.  This block made me think about that a lot!

Moving on...

DSCN2176 Mati's Memory Quilt

KSU!  I could NOT fit the Wildcat logo in without it completely taking over the whole quilt.  I think it's enough purple flavor as is.  I backed it with some blue t-shirt fabric!

Next up was a creative solution:

DSCN2177 Mati's Memory Quilt

A cute LIG logo and part of the back inside tag ... backed with part of one of Mati's beds.  Mike asked me to incorporate part of it if I could, and I thought this was the perfect way.

Just up from that ...

DSCN2178 Mati's Memory Quilt

...another LIG design!  Did I mention that I stitched about 1/2 an inch outside each fabric?  That will help hold the blocks together and gives even more dimension to everything.

To the right:

DSCN2179 Mati's Memory Quilt

The LIG dog riding in the car, with a smiley face from the back of another tee.  The dog riding in the car is the only "duplicate" design, so I think Mike must really like this one.  And I imagine Mati loved going for rides!

I told you in an earlier post about using Mati's towel in the center block:

DSCN2180 Mati's Memory Quilt

I was unsure about how that would work, but I think it's perfect.  As a friend on FaceBook said about the quilt in general, "Divine intervention again."  She's absolutely right!

The next block:

DSCN2181 Mati's Memory Quilt

Very cute LIG horse - and a LIG logo from the inside of a different tee.

We're more than halfway there.  Honest.

DSCN2182 Mati's Memory Quilt

Another LIG logo with the inside back of another one.

Next up, a pink snowflake from another LIG t-shirt:

DSCN2183 Mati's Memory Quilt

Pink goes well with OD green, too, doesn't it?  :)

Here's the next block in the line-up:

DSCN2184 Mati's Memory Quilt

Another non-t-shirt item Mike sent along was a yellow blanket with a "raining cats and dogs" design on it. I cut out a few of the dogs/cats and used them sort of as a back-drop for the block.  Again, it gives the flavor of that special blanket without having to use a lot of it!

Up next:

DSCN2185 Mati's Memory Quilt

My favorite color again.  I used the other side of the bed Mike sent as an accent there.  I really like how it came out!

This next one is the first block I did:

DSCN2187 Mati's Memory Quilt

See how much different it looks after just one washing?  I love the fuzzy edges!

Next to it, one of the non-LIG blocks:

DSCN2188 Mati's Memory Quilt

Aesthetically speaking/writing, I like the clean, crispness of the block.

On the top row (!) we start with this block:

DSCN2189 Mati's Memory Quilt

The Frisbee-playing LIG dog design is from one of Mati's most special t-shirts, so I thought it should have top billing.  It was the last shirt Mati wore.  I backed the block itself with a tie-dyed t-shirt - you can see it clearly in the pix of the reverse side of the quilt.

I think it's fitting that the block next to it is an embroidered logo from her hospital:

DSCN2190 Mati's Memory Quilt

Yes, Mati had her own scrubs to wear - and I cut the logo from it to use on the quilt.  Mike always has such kind things to say about the wonderful vets and staff there; they seemed to treat Mati as one of their own!

I like the main design on this next one:

DSCN2191 Mati's Memory Quilt

The "Star Struck" by LIG.  A guy with his arm around his pup's shoulders.  Just really beautiful.  I wanted it in the top row, too.  Why the Black Dog inside label and the Good Karma tag?  I'm not sure.  But Mike also won over our "Black Dog" (Booter) way back when - and Booter only took to certain people.  He loved Mike - and that told us volumes about what kind of man Mike is.  :)

Next - the LIG dog going for a ride "repeat":

DSCN2192 Mati's Memory Quilt

Oooh.  More OD green up there at the top!  See?  Doesn't the Dell Army Team logo fit right in?  LOL!

And lastly ...

DSCN2193 Mati's Memory Quilt

... the LIG guy with his pup.  And a reminder that life IS good.

Mike, thank you so much for entrusting me with this very special project.  I hope you're pleased with how it turned out and that it brings you sweet memories of your very sweet girl.

And thank you for reading -


  1. I enjoyed the tour of the blocks! I really like the raining cats and dogs and also the whole top row. It's all such special memories for Mike and I'm sure he'll cherish it always!

  2. I think it looks fab. Those Life is Good pictures are all wonderful! I am sure Mike will love it - how could he not?

  3. What an absolutely beautiful quilt and so full of wonderful memories. It will be treasured for a lifetime!

  4. What a wonderful work of art...and a marvelous tribute!!

  5. I like how you had the block in the block. Much easier than straight applique! Excellent. Your sewing posts are great too--Being a quilter and enjoying working on sewing projects when I have time I found them full of good ideas.

  6. Karen - The quilt is unbelievable. It's incredibly powerful, emotional, comforting, and packed with virtually hundreds of stories. As I look at each block there is so much to take in. The story that each square tells, special memories, and stories of her personality seem endless. Each square represents so much, I still can't stop looking at the quilt to this day and probably for a long time to come. In addition to what the quilt means, what and who it represents, I just can't get over the stitching and design. The multiple layers, the tags, the back, and use of multiple shirts and layers in each square just adds so much. I tend to look at each square and remember such stories and anecdotes about her life with Rocky and me. The quilt is so much more than I could have hoped for, and it is so beautiful. You honored her more than I could have thought and I'm glad that Dave and Zim were with you to oversee your work. I am also glad that it helped some with your grief. If it helped you even by a smidge of how much it helps me, then that's a huge amount. I remember Stormy and Amber. I imagine they were with Mati watching you work. She probably was narrating each piece to them and giving some "Dad" anecdotes that they all laughed at... ha roo roo! Thank you again, your care, talent, and obvious compassion shows in each stitch. Mati, Stormy, Amber, Lucky, Booter, & Rocky are all proud for so many reasons. Love and thoughts to you, Dave, Zim, and Mike.


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