Sunday, August 8, 2010


My quilt group is the best! After the project I showed you yesterday, we had a June Challenge! This time, a table runner! OK... the quilt I did as the Christmas Wonder table topper was actually supposed to be a full-sized quilt, but I knew I wouldn't be able to complete that, so I scaled down to the table topper! And it wasn't exactly put out as a Christmas theme and ... I'm sure there are other rules I broke, too -- oh, probably borders ☺ -- but, hey! No one has called the Quilt Police on me yet! Well, so ... a table runner! Very cute one at that.

The original idea was for a Patriotic Runner - check it out here! I loved it, but I pictured it in Christmas fabs, too! Then I realized I had some blue Christmas fabric I had been saving that would be perfect! So ... both patriotic colors and Christmas-themed!!! Yea! Here's my start:

IMG_6296 Work In Progress - Star Table Runner

The fabrics are by the late Laurel Burch. I just love her saturated colors and playful approach to design!

I really did start out following the pattern, but I wanted all of my stripes to be red and white. I auditioned both ways (the pattern author mixed some blue in there) and went with just the red and white. Here's the top, prequilting:

IMG_6297 Work in Progress - Star Table Runner

I like it, but it needed something sort of "stopping" everything. Or framing it. No, not a border. Heaven forbid. ☺ I knew I could tie it all together with that blue - and opted to bind in that. So here it is, after quilting and binding:

DSCN5802 Star Table Runner

It works!

It might be a Christmas gift for someone. But ... it looks sooooo at home on my dining room table, doesn't it? And each year, I decorate one Christmas tree just with patriotic ornaments ... and ... umm ... I was born on the Fourth of July ... and OH, I just haven't decided yet.

How about a close up?

DSCN5803 Star Table Runner

I quilted in a lovely variegated golden brown thread. I think it adds to the richness. Here's the back!

DSCN5804 Star Table Runner

I just free-handed the waves; I like the movement it adds.

So that's it. I'm still working on the July challenge. Yes, I know it's August. I broke the rules this time, too, and am making mine a tad larger. And Christmasy. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the inspiration, Fiber Wizards! And thank you for reading!


  1. Karen - truly and honestly, in awe of your amazing skills. Me, I can hardly sew a button on. Well, to be honest, when I was really young, I was tortured by a German needlework teacher, who made me do the most amazing needlework, really precise embroidery which looked the same on the right side, and the wrong side.

    Sadly, her attitude totally hacked me off, and after the age of 14, I never picked up a needle.

    My work was apparently wonderful, according to my mother who was a professional seamstress, but my enthusiasm for the whole thing was sadly lost.

    I really, and truly, admire your work. It never ceases to amaze me.

    Your friend, Jeannie xxxxx

  2. Two posts in a row - holy cow! Very nice work as always Karen :)

  3. So beautiful and the blue border was a perfect choice!

  4. I stumbled across your blog. I love it and am going to poke around. Don't worry, I'll put everything back where I found it!

    Recommended Daily Dose

  5. Awesome job! It looks SOOOOO good! :)

  6. Excellent Blog !

  7. I haven't talked with you in a very long time. I love your flag table runner. I am Shortyz from Please come back and check out somethings I have been doing. Lily my Huskie is doing better now ...a year later, I guess she is here to stay. Too much money invested.


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