Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa's Little Helper

I must be taking way too long to write this post; I had two comments come in before I thought I'd hit "publish".  Thanks, Blogger!  :/

Sooo... I thought I'd post pictures of a couple bags that were gifts this Christmas.  Santa contacted me and asked for a very special Deeve Bag for "Lisa the Mean", or as I call her "Lisa the not Mean at ALL"!  :)  Given that Lisa's mom emailed me about how happy Lisa is AND that everyone's favorite pirate pup - Maverick - commented on it, I figured it was safe to post about the bag now!   

Since Lisa shows Sibes and a couple other breeds, I knew I had the perfect fabric!  Here's an over-all look:

I did some fun decorative stitching along the placket using a "twisted tweed" thread, in brown and gold.  I also did all the quilting in it.  The button is sort of a squared-off, funky black one - I bought a bunch and think they're great.

Here's a closer look at the Hold the Phone! Bag:

I used the same black with gold stars and the gold "swirly" print as on the placket.  In keeping with the "dog" theme and Lisa's profession, I used a leash for a clasp.  I had the perfect charms to hang on the side:

One that reads, "I love dogs" and a "First Place" ribbon!  :)  I hope it brings her luck!

Here's a look inside the Deeve Bag:

Two nice, big pockets and a "freckled" print.  The HTP! Bag has the same lining.

Santa also thought Cecile should have a bag of her own, and asked for one of the Z Bags I had on hand.  It's out of one of my ALL TIME FAV fabs, the Laurel Burch dog print.  

The straps are from the dog faces fab and the body of the bag are two coordinating Laurel Burch dog prints.  Oh, how I hope those fabs will be reprinted one day!!!

The inside is luscious - green and purple.  Yeah, I know.  I love the combo.  And a certain reader who has already commented since Blogger published before I was ready will, too.  Or did.  Whatever.  Here it is:

Those fabs go up the length of the straps as the lining for them. Up at the top, a cute button:

Yes, blue.  It seemed right.  Even though the one that fastens the bag is purple.  Hey, it WORKS! 

On Cecile's HTP! Bag, a similar mix of charms:

A "First Place" ribbon for her, plus a cute dog house with a bone.  Is it me, or is that Black Lab eyeing the ribbon?  :)

Reports also came in that Bags by KZK Santa delivered in Georgia and Pennsylvania were quite well received, as well!  (Multiple bags in Macon - seen here and in these 1, 2, 3 posts!!)  That couldn't make me happier - I am always ready and willing to help Santa.  

Many thanks to Santa for letting me be a part of some very special Christmases!  And thank you to those of you who contacted me on his behalf!  :)

And, as always, thank you for reading!


  1. Those are both beautiful!!! And those little trinkets added for some bling are wonderful

    Woos, the OP Pack

    PeeEss, word verification was very appropriate for this blog - "pinizing". Bet you use lots of pins.

  2. A picture speaks a thousand words, doesn't it? Spectacular as always.

  3. They are all just GORGEOUS! Each one is so unique and special. Our girl just loves her HTP that "Santa" brought and we're on a mission with a certain horse named Logan (who is hopefully not caked with mud this time) and our camera to provide you with a rather unique model for the Equestrian Themed HTP Bag.
    ECHO (and Mom)

  4. Great bags, such gorgeous color combos!
    They musta been awfully good girls to get those bags from Santa!



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