Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kellie's HTP! Bag

I posted a while ago on Bags by KZK that Santa had contacted me about making a Hold the Phone! Bag for a special young lady.  I'm pleased to report that not only was it a hit, but I've got pictures!  

Before I post them, let me say that I always knew there had to be something trickier than getting a Siberian Husky to pose with a HTP! Bag hanging from his or her snooter.  And now I know what that is.  Same trick, only with a horse.  Ha ha ha!  Please give a warm welcome to  Kellie, her new Hold the Phone! Bag, and Logan... the rather Siberian-esque horse.  :)

I think Logan has perfected the art of looking away from the camera.  :)  My eldest Sibe (Stormy) has taught classes over the internet to that effect.  I think she'd give Logan an "A".

The first time Kellie's mom tried to to do a photo shoot of Logan with the bag, he had just finished rolling in mud.  Way to go, Siber-horse!

He looks a bit sleepy-eyed here, doesn't he?

Apparently he had just gotten up from a power nap (more proof of his close ties to the Siberian Husky).  Why hadn't I thought about horses napping before?

And here's my FAVORITE shot of Kellie and Logan!


Thank you so much for taking time to do the photos - Kellie, Logan, and Andrea!  :)  Enjoy your HTP! Bag, Kellie!


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