Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Shelli, AKA the Macon Bag-a-holic, put in a special request for a new bag design a while back. How fun! She asked if I could come up with a drawstring type of bag she could use to hold Sitka and Cornelia Marie's leashes and coordinating Hold the Phone! Bags (or Hold the Good Neighbor Bags Bags - LOL!). Sounded like a great idea!

I tried a couple different things, made some changes (OK... lots of changes), then came up with what I think will do the job! Here's a look at one of the final designs:

Cute, isn't it? Small ... yet bold. The one above was a touch too small to comfortably accommodate Shelli's needs, so I thought, "Why can't it come in different sizes?" I hit my scrap bag again and came up with this one:

Just a tad taller. I love being able to use some of my scraps, then to use something wild on the inside!

All that remained was to name it. It's a drawstring, so sort of a duffel bag. Small, yet bold. Duffel ... A bit wild on the inside. Duffel ... And cute. Duffel ... Ready for me to let the cat out of the bag? It's ... the Huffle Duffel. :) Named for our feline friend down in Melbourne, Australia.

Here's a collection of my Huffle Duffels so far:

Oh... you know, some of my scraps are larger than others.... so the bag can be "Summi-sized", as we say, and don't have to be "pieced". That would explain the larger pink bag in the photo above. Let's take a closer look at that one...

The outer fabric on the Huffle Duffel, whether pieced scraps or one big scrap, is quilted:

...and they're all fully lined - so they can be reversible! Here's the Summi-sized, turned the other way:

That side is not quilted, but it's lovely none-the-less!

My plan right now is to do some of these up ahead of time, so you can choose from bags already made. I'll have pricing and stats up on the Extras blog soon. This bag is great for holding CDs, leashes and bags, TREATS, make up, little toys ... just about anything!

I hope you like the new Huffle Duffel! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! I hope Huffle will too. Hey, what is the pink fabric? Can we have a close up???

  2. Khan I order it with a khat in it?

    I'll let it out later!

    Grrrreat job again KZK!

    PeeEssWoo: my word fur verifikhation was DUFFLat ;-)

  3. Oh oh oh I love it! You know I have to have one, right?

  4. How cool!!! I like that it comes in multiple sizes too! I think you will have a home for the pink Iowa one real soon!! Well, as soon as Summi's mummi see's it!!


  5. Oh, we have to say we LOVE all of them too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. The duffles look great! Love the color choices!

  7. The blue pattern on the inside of the first bag is great!!

    You are so creative. <3


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