Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Dark Storm...

Sounds ominous, doesn't it? But it's a cool new Storm Bag! I had a great request for mostly black, with some bold pinks paired up with them. What FUN! Take a look:

OK, that's the bright side. :) But remember, the Storm is fully reversible. What's inside?

BLACKS! Let's flip it "inside out" and reverse it to the other side!

Yes, I do mix stripes and plaids. Who doesn't?!!? I love the look! The bottom is black denim and the blacks are homespuns; I paired them up with some interfacing to give them more body and substance.

For the pocket on the black side, I used the pocket from a pair of jeans, and lined it with the hot pink camo. Here's a closer look:

The pocket on the other side is the pink camo itself, with some decorative stitching:

I used a variegated black and white thread by Aurofil. Very fun and a great fit with this bag.

Here's a better look at the Hold the Phone! Bag:

The body of the outside is the pink camo, with strips of some of the blacks and the multi-color on black mixed in. Here's a peek inside of that:

One of the black stripes. :)

As I seem to do frequently, after I shot the bag, I remembered I hadn't added the beads to the HTP! Bag. Here's a delayed photo of that:

The pink beads are glass; the end caps are pewter. I thought the end caps brought the black and white theme back in! Oh, yeah... and they're hanging from a fishing lure because I LOVE using them!!!

It should be landing in Missouri tomorrow; thank you so much for ordering!

And as always, thanks for reading!


  1. I LOVE THIS ONE!!! It is VERY cool. I really like how the inside and outside really give way to two totally different looking bags!!!

  2. Hi

    Found your blog by chance via blogger.

    Your designs are wonderful.

    Thank you for showing your work, lovely stuff.


  3. Hi KZK

    You may wonder but I could not possibly confirm!

    Although I think you will recognise the poem.............

    I cannot keep away but just don't want a dog blog anymore.

    J x

  4. How many of these bags are on my list now? This could get expensive :)

  5. OH WOW!

    This one too is incredibly COOL!

  6. Ouuuu, another spectacular creation!

  7. Mom says this one is her new favorite!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love the colors and patterns! You always do such a fantastic job! And Dave's color choices are always a winner!



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