Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chain Link Runner - Part 2

Welcome back!  (See Part 1 here.)  Let's get to the next step:

Layout and sewing:

Lay out your cut strips according to this chart:


See how across from each 4-1/2” strip there is a pair of 14-1/2” strips?


Sew each of those pairs together, putting them back where you got them after you sew and press. (Color placement is important - don’t get your fabs mixed up!) Use a long table, the floor, or a design wall.

IMG_7087 Chain Link Runner
You  might have to work in segments...

Now sew each pair to the corresponding 4-1/2” strip. For example, the 14-1/2” strip pair of fab 1 and fab 3 will be sewn to the fab 2 4-1/2” strip. It will make tons of sense as you go. And remember - odd numbers are on one side, evens are on another. Tape, tape, tape! You might think you’ll remember where each one goes, then get distracted by ... I don’t know ... a Siberian Husky who thinks you need a break. Just for instance.  Not that I had to do a little "reverse sewing" this very afternoon.  ...or perhaps I did.  Ahem.

Each fabric in the 14-1/2”/14-1/2”/4-12” groups is different!


Also, sew the fab 1 14-1/2” strip to the fab A 2-1/2” square - and the fab 14 14-1/2” strip to the fab Z 2-1/2” square.


Once you’ve got all those 14-1/2”/14-1/2”/4-12” groups together, and your 14-1/2”/2-1/2” groups together, put those ALL together to form your table runner. Nothing to match up ... just easy sewing!

IMG_7083 Chain Link Runner
Keep sewing groups to groups!

I couldn't believe how fast it came together!

Here's my top, all put together! 

IMG_7106 Chain Link Runner

Yea! Pretty cool, huh? Let's get the hubby to hold it up outside, for a good look at it!

IMG_7109 Finished top, Chain Link Runner
I the Kansas wind.  And my patient husband!!!

Let's find a calmer corner of the deck...

IMG_7108 Chain Link Runner
Finished Chain Link Runner top!

I've started piecing my binding; I decided it would be easier just to leave everything cut at 2-1/2", since I'm working from scraps.  I think a bit wider binding than I normally work with wouldn't be a bad idea for this runner!

Tomorrow, I hope to choose a backing and perhaps get quilting!

Is anyone else cutting or sewing yet?  Please remember to add your photos to the FlickR group!

Thanks for sewing along and for reading!


  1. That fabric is so cheerful! I have no idea how to do what it says but I love the results!

  2. It may take me a few day to get started, but I have a jelly roll that needs something to do.

    I love how yours turned out. The colors are right up my alley. Does the next installment show how you quilt it?


  3. It's just beautiful! I love the colors!


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