Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm As Shocked As You Are!

I am.  I STILL am, even though I finished this little project several days ago.  Why so shocked?  Because not only did I do pleats again, I put in a ... brace yourselves ... zipper. That's right, I said it - the "Z" word!  (Insert audible gasps here from those of you who know me.)

I decided to follow this great tute for a Pleated Pouch; I saw it quite a while ago and it's been hovering in my InstaPaper queue pleading with me to make it. I finally forced myself to try it ... and wow.   I did it!   I put in a zipper!!!!

Look!  A zipper!!!  And I lived to tell about it!!!

Yeah, OK, I did insert a zipper once before, but that was years ago and was sort of one of those "OK, I've done it, now I don't ever have to do it again" things. Sort of like inset Y-seams or mitered corners. LOL! Just kidding. (Kind of.)

The tutorial was very well-written and well-photographed, so the little pouch came together in no time at all!


Totally cute and totally wild batiks and I love it!


There's a chance I'll be trying this again.  I can't believe I'm writing that.  About a ZIPPERed pouch.  Wow.  Shocking!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Way to go! That is a cute bag. I love making all kinds of bags especially with zippers. Thanks for the link to the tute.


  2. Not so scary, right? Next thing you know, you'll be inserting zippered pockets inside your beautiful bags! (One of which I still want, one of those days...;) )

  3. Very cute! The only time I tried a zipper was for making a dog bed cover- I'll never make that mistake again... lol

  4. That's a cute bag! Congrats on the zipper too! It all looks tough to me so I'm in awe of your talent!

  5. Your little bag is just so cute! Love the fabric! I was never comfy doing zippers either! Good for you :-)

  6. I am very impressed, being the sewing-challenged person that I am.


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