Sunday, November 8, 2009

I've Got the Blues

Not really. I just thought it would be a catchy title! I've been so busy in the Studio, I once again am behind on blogging. Let's get right down to business!

I was contacted by Janet in Maryland about making her a couple of bags. She asked a Z Bag that I had on hand at one point - and was that still available!?!? YES! Love it! It's one of my very favorite bags, with fave fabs designed by a fave ... designer. Laurel Burch. She was interested in purchasing that and a Super Shopper. :)

Here's a look at the Z Bag:

And a close-up of the Hold the Phone! Bag:

Aren't the fabs just the BEST?!?! Let's look inside:

This bag has two pockets, and two different linings. Here is the other pocket:

I seriously ♥ this bag and everything about it!!!

Janet had also seen a blue fabric on my site and asked it that was available for her Super Shopper. It certainly was, and I thought it would be awesome in that bag! I tried pairing it with all sorts of other fabs, but they over-shadowed it. Then my trusty Guide Dog for the Color Blind inspired me - why not try black and white?

Perfect! They really let the blue take the spotlight - providing a great accent, but not taking center stage! Here's a look at the finished bag:

Aren't the black and whites the coolest? I've been wanting to use them with something in a Super Shopper for a long time - this was a GREAT opportunity! Here's the back:

How about a close-up?

That shows the quilting (done in a black to grey to white variegated thread) and the detail along the top of the exterior pockets. Here's the top of the bag:

Doesn't the lining look cute, popped up like that? Here's a look inside:

Two good-sized pockets in another black and white, and the lining in the blue. One of the pockets is sectioned into two parts.

This bag was a blast to make - loved playing with the black and whites! And I am so happy to find a good home for the Z Bag! Janet, I hope you're happy with your new bags and will enjoy using them! Thanks so much for your order!

Next post - a very special bag for a very special fund-raiser! Please stay tuned!

And, as always, thank you for reading!


  1. Janet is going to love her Super Shopper. I use mine just about every single day. That Z bag is adorable too (much like its namesake!).

  2. The Z Bag is so bright and cheerful! Love the black and white with the blue on the Super Shopper too!

  3. Luv it! luv it! luv it!
    Mommy's starting her own little project already..she's been at the noisy machine almost every afternoon!
    the colors are beautiful! wonder if mommy could make me one of carry my water during walks..


  4. Love them!!! She's going to love her bags!

  5. Hey Karen,
    I just had to comment on your beautiful Z bag. I absolutely love the colours...(you would have a field day here in SA with the colours of our Ndebele tribe's creations.) Bright colours are always so cheerful!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!


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